1. Luiz Carlos

    Eu sei que os roteadores Cisco suportam ISPF (Incremental SPF).
    Minha dúvida é: roteadores Huawei suportam?
    Por favor, respondam para o meu e-mail.

    Luiz Carlos.

  2. mammoura

    yes its also supported in Huawei routers

    sim, é também apoiada em roteadores Huawei

  3. Luiz Carlos

    OK. How do I configure Huawei routers with ISPF?
    Example: in Cisco routers the roadmap is:
    #conf t
    #router ospf 10

    And for Huawei?

    Luiz Carlos.

  4. mammoura

    By Default the ISPF is enabled in huawei and you can set the intelligent timer like below
    #OSPF 10
    #spf-schedule-interval { interval1 | intelligent-timer max-interval start-interval hold-interval [ conservative ] | millisecond interval2 }

  5. Luiz Carlos

    Thanks for the tip before.

    I’m trying the eNSP simulator and I selected “Download Simulator” on your site and you sent me the URL link for this version: eNSP V100R002C00B350 Setup.exe.
    But there is a new version available for download: eNSP V100R002C00B360 Setup.exe.
    There is a catch: this version only speaks Chinese. Is there a new version that speaks English?
    Thanks. Luiz Carlos.

  6. mammoura

    the new version is still in Chinese

  7. Luiz Carlos

    Thanks for the quick answer.
    You have helped me too much.
    What can I do for you?
    Luiz Carlos.

  8. mammoura

    just share the blog with your friends , thats all , so every body can take the benefit

  9. Luiz Carlos

    Done! Now my friends know that “YOU ARE THE GUY”.
    By the way, about ISPF in Huawei that you’ve said that is enbled by default, I need make comparisons between with and without ISPF.
    So, is it possible to disable ISPF in Huawei routers?
    Thanks. Luiz Carlos.

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